I know… but I’ve been busy alright?!

Just kidding, I’m sorry… I could never be mad at you…

But the truth is, its crunch time here. As the semester winds down the work builds up and has all but destroyed my life outside the studio. I have a bunch of photos, but nothing pertaining to Qatar.

I can tell you, however, that I am extremely excited (and nervous) for graduation. I’m ready to get out there and strut my stuff; I’m confident that I am ready for the world of design (if there are any potential employers out there…cough-cough).

I hope to see you all soon, as I’ll be America bound around the first week of May.

I’m not done here yet, I have some time after classes finish up and I plan to make the most of it, so keep on reading… Ive got an adventure or two left in me.

Until then, here is one of those pictures I talked about… It’s a plate of fries and a glass of milk (made out of paper!). I cant believe their giving me a degree for this…

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03 2010

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