They day we drove cross country, and the 45 minutes it took to drive back…

Well the other day, when we heard that there was going to be camel races, we did what anyone would do… we went. We met up with a couple of other international students and drove out to the tracks. When we got there we head that the races were canceled due to the heat. I mean, c’mon they’re camels arnt they?

We decided to get out of the car and try and see a few pacing around the track anyway.

Well, it wasn’t as great as actually being able to see some races but at last we saw some camels. We also noticed that a few cars were driving back and forth on the road by the track. Everyone who we asked said it wasn’t possible to drive around, but we didn’t really believe that. After skipping a few “important” signs we found the entrance and were able to drive around. We stayed in the car because we wern’t exactly sure we were supposed to be there…

We saw some camels running around and decided to pace them with our car… and got yelled at for it. After we were ‘politely’ asked to leave we decided to make use of the rest of the day by driving out to the beach (on the other side of Qatar).

The water was so calm and clear that it seemed to blend right into the sky.

We even found the time to skip a few shells around.

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03 2010

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  1. Lisa #

    you weren’t kidding about the gradient!

  2. 2

    I want these pictures! You were snapping away… and my camera was out of battery at that point. :P

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