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Well, for a while now we have been getting ready for our Japan trip. A few weeks ago, we were invited to the house of the Japanese Ambassador. It was great! They gave us a traditional Japanese lunch, taught us a few helpful phrases (none of which I can remember… sigh), they even let us try on a few of the traditional kimonos. When we were headed out they gave us all invitations to an upcoming show. The show, Japanasia, was a musical performance of traditional Japanese music.  We talked our professors into letting class out early so that we could attend (it wasn’t that difficult, because as it turns out most of them wanted to go as well)

We got there, tickets in hand and dressed to impress expecting a grand production. However when we got there, they was no ticket collector and no real dress code. But that didn’t stop the show from being amazing.

This is a short from my seat. There were a lot of other photographers, and just about everyone in the seats had cameras. The crowd seemed pretty down when the Master of Ceremonies announced that there was no photography allowed. But you’ll be glad to hear that they were not discouraged. The sound of camera shutters was almost constant throughout the entire show. I even rebelled a bit and snapped a few off…

Unfortunately, karma seemed to win this one as none of my photos really turned out. In my defence, it was REALLY dark in there…

Afterward we all decided to go out to eat.

I (because of my allergies) did not order, but I did have some time to look around the restaurant and find this Cameo by the Pillsbury Dough Boy on a bottle of water.

I’m told hes everywhere, I guess I’ll have to keep a closer look.

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