Japan Update.

Well as avid readers of my blog might come to know (or may not know, I may not have written about it, oops!) I will be in the great land of Japan for spring break. But this trip does not come without certain strings attached. We MUST make a journal. This won’t be too bad for me, but since I’ll be away from my computer for about 10 days it will be a good way for me to jot ideas down and tell you all about it upon my triumvirate return… The real bummer is I think there is a paper attached to this trip too.. ack!

Anyways, anyone who knows me knows that I couldn’t sport a boring old marble notebook, so I jazzed it up a bit:

I thought it was pretty neat, so I figured you might as well. I will be taking pictures and writing notes feverously for 10 days, so get ready for a BIG POST! (or maybe just a small concise one, I have to leave some mystery for when I get back!)

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02 2010

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  1. Lisa #

    Love those graphics!

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