Brent “Silver Fingers” McCormick.

I don’t know if he likes that name, but I’m almost positive he doesn’t. Anyways Brent is a fellow exchange student, a fellow VCU Ram, a fellow Graphic Designer, and an all around good Fellow. He makes a frequent appearance in this blog so I thought is just about time I give him an “official” (like that really means anything here) shout-out.

Anyways, “Silver Fingers” here is an extremly talented musician and what shout-out is complete without a showcase.

You can check out his music here!

As far as I know its all original work, but you may find a few covers thrown in there.

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02 2010

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  1. Brent #

    tiiiight. “silver fingers” mccormick, the fastest fingerpicker this side of…the atlantic ocean?

    thanks for the shout out!

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