Ping Pong, the Doha way.

A few weeks ago, Brent and I went grocery shopping and just HAD to check out the toy section. Amongst the knock off spider-man 2-pocket folders Brent found a gem: Table Top Tennis.

This tipple “T” terror (“this tipple table top tennis terror”, oh c’mon you wouldn’t pass that up either) ended up being one of the best 10 rials (about 2.75 US) that I have spent yet. We brought the set back to his apartment and set it up on his nearly clean dining room table. The net it came with ended up be a little to big so we folded it over. I go back to play just about once a week and each time I go, the arena has gotten a upgrade.

At first the net was replaced by a series of overlapped tape strips (this may not sound like an “upgrade” but compared to a loose net this tight one makes it much more…”authentic”? Anyways, its really easy to tell if your opponent hit the net because the ball stick to it…) I pulled focus just so you can see the tape-net.

Don’t hate.

I went back the following week and the table had been moved from its original position and now was oriented to optimize the space of the room. There is now no hope for studying or relaxing. Now, there is only Pong!

The next week, the seating that was placed (or shoved) in the opposite side of the room was arranged around the table. We have a stadium.

To answer a future questions. Yes, I am still very awful at Ping Pong.

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02 2010

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